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About Our Legal Representation in Durham, NC

Daniels & Daniels, P.A. is not a large law firm, but we are experienced in providing detail-oriented legal representation in Durham, NC. We have assisted with everything from small transactions involving the first few thousand dollars a company might raise to transactions involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Collectively, the deals we have handled are valued at several billion dollars. We have represented founders and entrepreneurial companies, and we have also represented investors and venture funds. While most of our clients are in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill), we have clients from areas throughout the United States and in a number of foreign countries.

The firm's practice includes legal representation in such areas as biotechnology law, health care, computer and internet law, privacy, protection of intellectual property rights, copyrights, patent and trademark licensing, technology transfer, telecommunications, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, capital formation — including venture capital, private offerings and crowdfunding, corporate finance, securities, domestic and international taxation, international expansion of U.S. businesses, employee benefits, executive compensation, and government regulation.

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Innovative Service Model

We have aggressively restructured our legal service model to take advantage of cloud computing and virtual technology to reduce our cost of operations and hence also reduce our fee structure. In this same vein, we have reduced our real estate presence and focused more on the delivery of services directly to clients on their premises or wherever the client needs to be, rather than on a model where the client must come to the attorney.

Versatile Billing Arrangements

We offer our legal representation in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the clients and factual circumstances, including traditional hourly billing, fixed fee formats, deferral arrangements and equity participation in lieu of fees.

Committed Counsel Services

For companies that need someone to serve in the role of general counsel but are not large enough to afford to fill this position on a full-time basis, we also offer part-time general counsel legal services for a fixed fee.

Similarly, in circumstances where the clients have needs for legal expertise outside of the areas where we have our strengths, we often serve the role of managing such outside legal services on behalf of our client, much as if we were serving as in-house counsel.